Strange Attractors Series: Part 1

The Pick-Up

I’ll just shoot my shot

BJ Dawson
2 min readNov 2, 2021


Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

Hey sweet-thing.

You’re a fine young man
— beautiful even –

Though, mature women like me
know better than to say it
to your babyface.

Not that it’s frowned upon in
our modern age, but
there’s an unspoken etiquette
baked into these intros.

You see, I’ve watched you from
just off the dancefloor,
and you have moves upon moves,

ah, but you dance alone
in a sea of women,
their eyes trained on your hips while
yours look right through them;

you know, the hitch in
your giddy-yup is
not lost upon me.

You seem to be waiting
for something.

Or someone.

I can’t tell which, so
I’ll just shoot my shot and then
we’ll sort it out once
the dust settles.

Hey sweet-thing, your luck’s
about to change because, surprise!

Your long wait is over,
your next drink is on me, and
your next sexy rumpus is
far closer than you think!

Yeah, I see you eyeing me
skeptically, barely refraining
from asking my age,

and good on you for
your tact and decorum, for
age is just a prime
number between our two primes,
and just between us, sweet-thing,

I have much to teach
you, and time is short, so hun,
what are you drinking?

Barry Dawson Jr. IV ~ 2021

For 2021 NaNoWriMo, I’m writing a daily poetic series entitled, “Strange Attractors”. Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to stay a while or look around while we find our bearings.

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