The Release

Even the parts you tried to hide

BJ Dawson
2 min readNov 10, 2021


Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Shh, sweet thing.

Don’t mind me stirring,
beautiful man.

Dressing in darkness is
a lost art, and yet, for

mature women like me,
discretion is mother to
movement in cool of dawn.

And sure, last night we moved mountains
and did well to slow our world’s momentum
over our months entwined, but

nothing ever stands still for long, does it?

You see, I’ve watched you in ways
you’ll never see, and I see
all of you,

even the parts you tried to hide, and
I could tell.

It’s not something you can hide well,
like stifling a cough or sitting on a fart
— well, ain’t no hiding those either, but
this here other thing? Well, you know,

it’s all in the eyes, hunny.

You tried, hun. I know you did,
ah, but silly boy, you couldn’t
keep your word, could you?
What a shame.

I’m one to talk, sure,
but them’s the breaks,
right, hun?

You know; win some, lose some,
and yeah, breaking even
counts as a win.

We were even-Steven for a while,
weren’t we, hun?

Well anyway, it’s fun to think so,
but truth is,

you gave me far more
than I could ever hope to return,
even if there were more time.

You were never one
to keep score, anyway. Yeah,
I could tell that too.



BJ Dawson

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