Type of Alchemy

A free verse poem for Phil

BJ Dawson
2 min readMay 17, 2023
Photo by Monstera

You’re still there,

across space, time,
and childhoods long gone,

still humming with ragged,
stored energy,

still waiting somewhat-patiently
for your big bro to return
from big boy school,

still waiting on that moment
to collectively flip that switch
towards chaotic, kinetic fun

with the latest rap videos,
action figures, and

trucks that transformed into
metal ass-kicking,
morally-pontificating robots.

You loved me.

From the beginning, I knew it,
though I never knew why.

On sight, you shouted my name
like I was your personal rock star
or hero returned in triumph
home to his little brother,

even as I brought a dismissive scowl
and my own overcast weather patterns.



BJ Dawson

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